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The purpose of the National Prayer Breakfast is to unite  leaders in our capital in order to pray together, build relationships, and seek to walk together in the spirit of Jesus Christ. The National Prayer Breakfast is an annual Christian event and is historically offered under the auspices of the Speaker of the Senate and the Speaker of the House on behalf of the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast Group.

Its History

The National Prayer Breakfast was founded in 1964 as the first national prayer breakfast in the world. 58 years later, Members of Parliament, Senators, and a group of dedicated political staffers volunteer their time to organize, the breakfast, a leadership dinner, and a multi-day summit for young Christian leaders from across the country. 


REGISTER FOR THE 2023 Prayer Breakfast and Leadership Dinner

Leadership Dinner And Young Leaders Summit are still available

*Registration for the Young Leaders Summit includes both the Prayer Breakfast and Leadership Dinner. To sign up for the YLS, click here.


This year's National Prayer Breakfast and Leadership dinner will be held in the Beautiful Shaw Centre, overlooking downtown Ottawa.


Nearby Hotels

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Join young leaders from across the country to learn how to stand for truth and justice in politics while pursuing an authentic relationship with Jesus Christ. Hear from current and former Members of Parliament and men and women working in the halls of government who are facing the question everyday. “What is my true foundation?”


Please consider a donation to the National Prayer Breakfast to help offset the production costs.
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National Prayer Breakfast

The annual National Prayer Breakfast of Canada is a Christ-centred event held by the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast Group in our nation's capital. The purpose of this event is to come together collectively to honour and continue to hold to our Christian heritage. This allows our elected officials to gather together with men and women from different backgrounds to pray and connect through our shared faith.

Watch the 2022 National Prayer Breakfast:

Watch the 2022 National Leadership Dinner:

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